February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by jessie in Uncategorized

As my nephew (cutest kid in the world) gets closer to his first birthday, I am reminded how much he has grown since he was born, and more so, since I saw the first ultrasound picture, where he was the size of a peanut.

A couple of months ago I created a short montage of the photos I took of my brother and his wife as they journeyed though the experience of pregnancy.

I would definitely love to put together more of these projects.  The photo-taking process was fun, the editing was fun, and the results are satisfying.  Enjoy!


peanut from Jessie Keylon on Vimeo.

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  • Greg says:

    Hello Jessie,

    I watched “Peanut” and it was inspiring. Moving.
    I have a friend who is pregnant now. First child. Her situation is different though. No father or active father and because of that, her pregnancy seems over shadowed by sadness and worry. However things work out, there will be a new life among us and Peanut reminded me of the Joy of New Life.

    I called my friend. Going to remind her as well. Try and make this time for her something beautiful. Like your video.

    Thank you.


  • Mel says:

    I just showed Evan this video and he went “do do do” when he saw the big belly. it was so sweet. Thanks jessie for capturing such amazing moments in our lives! xoxo – Mel :)

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