Spring again

March 10th, 2017 | Posted by jesskeylon in Uncategorized

Did we just skip over winter? It was not intentional. Winter is beautiful here- the snow covered mountains, the ice filled bird baths, the internal arthritic ache of cold hands. I thoroughly enjoyed my first winter here. Cold but doable. It is usually quiet and peaceful here, but the winter was extra quiet and extra peaceful. Most of the bunnies and birds and critters were hiding away, and the most wildlife I would see somedays would be a couple of ravens.

The last few weeks have changed drastically. Now everything is coated in green and starting to flower. There are furry, feathered and scaley creatures at every turn, and the babies. The BABIES! So distracting to see baby bunnies that could fit in your palm, jumping around spastically with their fuzzball bodies and tiny ears. Difficult to get any work done with that scene outside my window, but at the same time it sure is inspiring.


Since it’s spring, it means festival season has begun. My first is the Indian Wells Art Festival in a couple of weeks on March 31- April 2nd at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens. My first time doing this show, and I am excited! Looks like a beautiful location, and I have so much work that is ready to be shown off (and sent to their new homes).

The very next weekend will be the Joshua Tree National Park Art Festival at the Oasis Visitors Center in 29 palms.

Later in April, in San Diego, will be the Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy.

It will be a busy April.

As I cast aside my heavy sweaters in favor of lighter weight fabrics, I feel like I am coming out of hibernation, coming out of the winter studio where I have been wrapped in a blanket, sipping tea as I add layers upon layers of paint on canvas after canvas. Spring is the season of reaching out and doing cleaning and embracing new things.


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