feeling the heat

July 7th, 2017 | Posted by jesskeylon in Uncategorized

Summers can be quite intense out here in the desert. The intensity of the sun makes it difficult to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, so I find myself waking up earlier trying to enjoy the wee hours of the morning with a run/walk (ralk). The rest of the day I’ve been busy in my cool studio making rabbit paintings and studying for my class. Class you say? Yes, I am almost done with the summer class I am taking from the local community college. Business 101. The basics. I figured I have been in business for a few years at this point and could use some legitimate information to help take it to the next level. It’s really been a great class, motivating me to understand what it is I want to do with my business. I highly recommend some basic business classes to those of you who are selling your art on the side or even full time, and want to step it up a bit. It has made me excited for the possibilities.

I finished another shadowbox for a group show in Anaheim. Artist Republic Gallery in opening a new show tomorrow evening that runs through August 20th. The gallery moved a couple of months ago to their current location and they are enjoying their spaciously, beautifully modern new space.. Go see the show!





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