spring in the desert

May 26th, 2018 | Posted by jesskeylon in Uncategorized


It’s spring again here in the high desert. Cacti are blooming, the weather is perfect, and warm fuzzy garments are being packed away in favor of lighter weight fabrics. (just as I typed that, the wind picked up and a chill came through my studio, prompting me to put on my warm fuzzy sweatshirt). I have been in a creative space the last few months, painting up a storm, ordering prints and printed goods, making connections with this sweet little community I have become a part of, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors in this strangely beautiful spot of earth I have landed on.

I have cut down on shows this year, as I am focusing on my studio/shop and the February show. Last month I did do the Joshua Tree National Park Art Festival, a local show at the Oasis Visitors Center in 29 Palms. Such a lovely show with a great group of artists. Such talent surrounded me. It was nice to reconnect to many of the artists I met there last year.

Summer should be pretty quiet around here in Pioneertown, so I am planning on doing some traveling and will be reducing my hours once the heat of summer hits. I will let y’all know when that happens so you don’t come up to a shuttered land office (my studio/shop is in a building labeled “Pioneertown Land Office”)

Part of my plans for summer is to start on the projects I have in mind for my Solo Exhibition at the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery next February. I should probably get a start on that, shouldn’t I? I’ll keep you updated with dates and sneak peaks throughout the rest of the year, incase you would like to travel out to the desert next year to be at the opening of the show. Should be a good one.

In the meantime, check out my Instagram page- I update that much (much) more often than I do this blog.





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