happy holidays

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sending love to you all

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merry merry

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and happy happy




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it’s OSAT time

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Highway 62 Open Studio Art Tours are here! Two weekends, starting tomorrow, the studio will be open with new art and new printed gifts. The Open Studio Art Tours (OSAT) is a yearly studio tour in the Morongo Basin. Catalogues are found around town or online, and you can plan out your studio route with the handy map. Last year I did the tours in Joshua Tree, this year it will be in my new location in Pioneertown. Studio #39, along side Mazamar Art Pottery and Geoffrey Fennell.

There is a group show at Gallery 62 in Joshua Tree, where they have one of my pieces on display through the end of the month. Lovely show to parallel the OSAT.

Without any other major shows or festivals on the horizon, I have been gearing up for the holiday season, making sure I have paintings and gifts of all sizes and price ranges, including holiday cards and stocking stuffers. My online store is still sadly neglected, but feel free to email me anytime if you have inquiries or questions. I do ship worldwide.

My studio is open most Thursdays through Mondays, from around 11 to around 6ish. I will not be around on Tuesdays or Wednesday, the same days Pappy and Harriet’s is closed.

Summer change

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What a summer! It’s been hot and dry and breezy and eventful out here.
Just last week I started a yoga class, turned 37 and moved my entire studio into a small building next door to the Pottery store in Pioneertown, CA. Just 20 minutes northwest of Joshua Tree, Pioneertown was created in the 40’s by the western movie crews including Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. The fronts are actual buildings, and several of them have been occupied by stores. Pappy and Harriet’s is the one place you can get a bite to eat, and their musical line up is pretty impressive.

My new studio boasts 10×12 feet of space with wood walls, rusted corrugated metal ceiling, large double doors and a split door in the back for airflow. Small, but perfect.

I have emptied out my boxes full of project from years ago, I have hung up all of my recent works, I have arranged all of my prints in a rusty metal sink basin (clean of course) and I am open!

It is my working studio as well, and I have already been busy making up some signs.

So many projects I have in mind to make!I will be open from Thursdays through Mondays, from 10 or 11ish til dark (ish) for now, so come on by Pioneertown sometime and say hello.


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feeling the heat

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Summers can be quite intense out here in the desert. The intensity of the sun makes it difficult to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, so I find myself waking up earlier trying to enjoy the wee hours of the morning with a run/walk (ralk). The rest of the day I’ve been busy in my cool studio making rabbit paintings and studying for my class. Class you say? Yes, I am almost done with the summer class I am taking from the local community college. Business 101. The basics. I figured I have been in business for a few years at this point and could use some legitimate information to help take it to the next level. It’s really been a great class, motivating me to understand what it is I want to do with my business. I highly recommend some basic business classes to those of you who are selling your art on the side or even full time, and want to step it up a bit. It has made me excited for the possibilities.

I finished another shadowbox for a group show in Anaheim. Artist Republic Gallery in opening a new show tomorrow evening that runs through August 20th. The gallery moved a couple of months ago to their current location and they are enjoying their spaciously, beautifully modern new space.. Go see the show!





end of spring

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The month of May has flown by incredibly fast. Such a beautiful month to be outside in the desert enjoying the remaining flowers (still going!) and watching the bright greens fade to golden hues. The baby bunnies are still numerous and spastically cute and the quail families are scurrying around with their dozen little ones.

It was nice to have a little break from participating in major Art Shows, although I have been joining some of the other local artists on Sundays in downtown Joshua Tree for the weekly Arts and Crafts Festival. It’s a small, intimate show with mostly tourists and a few locals walking around looking for local handmade treasures and it’s keeping me on my toes and in good shape for the bigger upcoming shows (literally, my body is becoming a muscular tent setting-up machine). I’ll be there most Sundays for now, unless I’m out of town.

I will be packing up my car once again next week and heading to my hometown of Thousand Oaks for their annual ArtWalk on June 3-4, 10-5 pm. Looking forward to visiting with family and seeing some familiar places and faces.

Now go outside and enjoy the last bits of spring!


Last show of April

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Today I am packing up the Subaru for a lovely drive tomorrow down to San Diego for this weekend’s Mission Federal ArtWalk.

**Artist plug: I will be on Fir Street, around the corner from Blick Art Supply, tent #717. See you there this weekend! 11-6 each day.**

It is the fourth and final showing of my art this month. What a month it has been! Every show is a wonderful blend of connecting with all sorts of amazing people and the satisfaction of sending off my creations to their new homes. This weekend will be one of my favorites, as I spent 11 years in San Diego, and visited this particular ArtWalk when I was looking for my first apartment in the area. Oh have I changed since then, and it feels like these shows have been part of that journey.

May will bring a little more calm into my life, though some Sundays I will be setting up my tent at the weekly Joshua Tree Arts and Crafts Festival, where the Farmers market is on Saturdays. Half a day, hanging out with locals and tourists, selling a few things here and there, it’s a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

As I am packing my car with paintings and prints, I keep catching the eye of this guy.


He and I have spent some quality time together. Inspired by the quail who peck around the dirt outside my studio window and who’s calls echo throughout the sunsets, his little personality brings me joy every time I look at him. I’ve used him for my newsletter and my new business cards this year, and my favorite description of him was from a British lady at the Indian Wells Art Show. She described him as “cheeky.” I couldn’t agree more.




April is a busy month for me as I check off art festivals one weekend after another. Last weekend was in the beautiful tennis gardens in Indian Wells. What a lovely weekend it was! After my tent survived the epic wind storm (though a few others did not) the weather was warm and calm. Met some great folks and even was awarded a third place ribbon for painting. All in all I give last weekend a thumbs up.


And now I head to the Oasis Visitors Center in 29 Palms for the 25th Annual Joshua Tree National Park Art Festival. The weather forecast? Wind. I guess that is something to get used to out here in the California desert. We will be sheltered by a building, so hopefully nobody’s art goes flying into the cacti. See y’all there!

Later this month, a one day Arts and Crafts show in downtown Joshua Tree on the 23rd (where the farmers market is held) and Mission Federal ArtWalk in San Diego, April 29th and 30th.

May is looking to be a bit quieter.

Indian Wells Arts Festival

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This weekend is the Indian Wells Arts Festival in the Palm Desert area of California. Looks like it will be beautiful weather for the three day event, though today I will be setting up my tent in the middle of a wind storm. Ah the fun part of doing outdoor art shows. Hope everything will be there in the morning!

I am looking forward to this event, the Tennis Gardens of the Indian Wells Tennis Club look prestine and beautiful and I have heard nothing but good things about the art festival itself.

Just have a few last things to pack in my car (like the new painting below) and I will be off! See you there.