Strangely wise

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I love popping into the local Japanese Diaso store from time to time. They have a great selection of useful household and personal items, and some unique things I never knew I needed. My current favorite section is the stationary section, full of colorful pens, Sumi brushes, inks, and cute pencil cases. Some of these have sentimental phrases that kind of make sense, though the clarity has been lost in translation. You get more of the feeling of the message, rather than the logical, literal sense. I like these. It helps me get into the figurative, emotive, experiential world, where images and words have more meaning than their literal counterparts. Go now, to the nearest Japanese store.

lovely weekend

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ArtWalk NTC was a great time, I met some wonderful artists and lovely folks walking around enjoying the art.


Thank you all who stopped by to visit, it was a hot, humid weekend and seeing everyone’s smiling faces made the heat much more tolerable.
A success! Now back to painting.


Bear with me

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Oh I am just full of puns today.

Must be a Tuesday-before-ArtWalk thing.

Just bearly finishing this guy before #artwalksd this weekend. :-) #cute #bear #art #acrylic

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ArtWalk NTC 2015

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By now you may have heard the rumors that I have a tent at this year’s San Diego ArtWalk at NTC/Liberty station.

Everyone (in my house) is talking about it.

Good thing for you though, because there is unlimited room and free admission, and tons of parking.
(there’s even a Trader Joe’s down the street for groceries afterwards!)

So in (less than) two weeks if you find yourself itching to look at and purchase some beautiful artwork from local artists,
you know where to go.

I will be in tent #131 ready to say hello to you when you arrive. Until then, I have some paintings to finish.


It’s true, I have been cranking out the artwork lately, getting ready for the ArtWalk NTC event in 2 weeks.

Two weeks. yup. Sure I am ready. Ready to go. In two weeks.
If you are in town, please stop on by to say hello and keep me on my toes!

I don’t have pictures of the pieces I just finished this week, but here’s an old one I did a few months ago to celebrate the arrival a friend’s new little one.

Happy Blue Moon y’all


something aboot a bridge

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We went to Vancouver, British Columbia last week and it was amazing.

The nature is on steroids, and the people are inherently nice.


There is much of the world I have not seen, but Vancouver would be on my list of out-of-country places to move. I even started unconsciously picking up the subtle accent (nothing bad aboot it)

Back to painting! Back to being an artist. Back to being who I am meant to be, not who anyone else thinks I should be. It’s a well talked about concept, but a whole other thing to put it into everyday life.

Here’s to crossing that bridge:

Suspended over the treetops as I cross another bridge. #canada #bridge #seatosky #shift

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Working on my tree today, looking forward to seeing it hang in my booth at #artwalkntc this august!

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thoughts on cats

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I have never lived with a cat. Before my husband and I married, he was adopted by a stray petite, sweet one eyed kitty (legend had it she had a fight with a raccoon) and she stayed with me one night. My apartment had fleas afterwards. Other than that, I have never lived with a cat.

When the Artist Republic 4 Tomorrow gallery in Laguna Beach asked if I would participate in their upcoming cat show, I balked. I know nothing about cats. I”m not even sure I trust them- they always seem to know too much… planning for revenge…

But alas, I agreed and ended up with the kitty above. This was a very fun project to work on, fun to come up with the objects inside (my favorites are the bread clip and the thumbdrive). So glad I decided to participate!

The show runs Through the 26th of April, I recommend heading over to the gallery in Laguna Beach if you find yourself in the area!


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We went to Joshua Tree last weekend for a getaway and to visit the meditation center.

If you have not been to that region, it is the high desert, specifically the Mojave desert, and it’s, well, it’s a desert.
It’s warm and dry. Since it is January, it was not sweltering hot, just nice and sunny. Saturday the wind picked up as we hiked amongst the strange looking trees in Joshua Tree National Park, but all was warm and pleasant during the day, and slightly chilly during the evening.

It wasn’t until we got back Sunday night until we realized the effect of the the dry desert air.

I instantly went into the cold that was threatening since the week before, and my nose was incredibly dry and flaky skin around my nostrils.
Our lips were chapped, our throats were dry, our eyes felt itchy, our skin tight and dehydrated.   (this after 2 days in the desert- are we coastal or what?)

It was obvious to us that we did not prepare for our trip.

Note to self: next time we go to the desert- drink 10x more water and slather on 10x more chapstick and bring the coconut oil!



healthy new year

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I don’t think I am alone here when I say my pants are fitting a bit tighter after the holidays.

When I look back at the past month or two of eating habits and exercise routines (or lack thereof), I can’t help but cringe. I’ve given in. I’ve let go. I’ve consumed our neighbor’s delicious cookies with ease, and my nephew’s chocolate gifts with reckless abandon. I’ve given up morning walks for sleeping in, and evening walks for watching movies. And now we arrive on the cusp of the new year, thinking over the past 12 months and wondering what new things the next months will provide.

So in pure cliche New Year’s form, I’m putting it out on the internet that I need to put the chocolate and cheesy crackers down and stop mindlessly snacking with the idea that food will keep my fingers and toes warmer. I’m going to go on a walk to warm up and then snuggle up in bed to watch a movie to stay warm. I’m going to make fresh ginger tea instead of rich hot chocolate, and most importantly, I’m going to love myself whether I do these things or not, whether I loose pound or two or not, because in reality, everything is okay.

Happy new year, everyone!