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Days like today, when the leaves are transforming ordinary gutters into Goldsworthy-worthy stripes of orange, I can’t help but feel the change of the season, and with that, a change of perspective.

It takes me back, several sketchbook eras ago, to see my life in segments, stepping stones, sequential stages to the point where I stand now.
From my current perspective, I want to be “there” already. I want to be enlightened, free of doubt, making it as an artist (define that please).
After looking back to see the sequential, crucial stages I went through, I realize how much I have grown. I am “there” if you asked my 22 year-old self.

Choices in life brought me here. I could have studied art in college, but I didn’t. Perhaps that would have been the easy way to do it. Perhaps if I had gone to art school, I would be in a great job with a big company, making art for movies or games or cartoon shows or commercial packaging. That would be great. But it would not be me. I used to kick myself for not taking that route to “success” but now I realize that it is someone else’s definition of success, not mine. I need substance, I need meaningful interaction. Turning out cute drawings to promote profit in other people’s businesses is a great career choice, just not for me.

Are there wrong paths to take in life? Are there even any paths to take other than the one we are on?



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Sometimes I feel like I have disconnected with the outside world.

I feel like I have to sometimes when everything around me seems overwhelmingly strong.

I have always been more “sensitive” than those around me, resulting in confusion of why I feel this way; why I felt invalidated for being aware of things people wanted to shove under the rug. Perhaps this is why I cried so much as a baby. Perhaps this is why I have always been a good listener and a great empathetic friend. Perhaps this is why people in my past felt better after they dumped their pent up emotional baggage on me. I am like a sponge, soaking in everything and everyone around me, mistaking it for myself and my own emotions, and neglecting my own well being while relieving others of their negative feelings. Perhaps this is why sometimes I feel like hiding in my art studio, away from the world, to focus just on me.

I am learning though; learning how to observe these sensations and not identify with them. It takes a lot of practice to undo the 30-some years of habitual taking things personally.

It’s comforting to know that I am on my way to understanding my place in the world. Day by day, I am on my way.


Qanvas by Quiznos

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Yes, that would be Canvas, but with a Q.

I am going to art exhibit thursday evening to see my own artwork, as well as 49 other artists’ work.
The show benefits ArtReach, one of the nonprofits I work for, and is appropriately themed “super heroes,” riding on the start of this years Comic-Con convention in San Diego.

Artists were given a clean, unused Quiznos sandwich wrapper to use as their canvas (hence the Qanvas) and free license to create any super hero image they would like.

Here is a sneak peak at where I started with this project; with a little inspiration from my Great Grandmother Mabel, born in 1881, shown here with my mother and her sister in the mid 50’s. The Qanvas made for a challenging surface to paint on. Can’t say I’ve attempted to paint on a sandwich wrapper before this, but now I have. While challenging, I found it enjoyable to creatively tackle the difficulties, and successfully make this a personal tribute to a family member I never met except through black and white photos.

qanvasB4jkThe show is this Thursday, July 24th, at the Space 4 Art Gallery, downtown San Diego. For more information, visit this website.


museum of the living artist

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Fun news!
I have a new painting up in a museum in Balboa Park for a six week show.
Opening night is this Saturday, April 5th, and the show runs until mid-May.

The painting above was chosen for their Regional Exhibition. Most of the art displayed (including mine) in the exhibition will be for sale.

More information about the SDAI Museum of the Living artist and the Exhibition can be found on their website.

air guitar hero

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My mother recently gave me a disk of old family photos she has scanned and archived over the years.
These go back to the mid 1800’s and show me the evolution of my facial features over the last 150 years.

One of my favorites was my grandmother as a wee one playing a ukelele, but then I found one of her mother, a few years prior as a teenager, playing air guitar on a tennis racket in the early 1920’s at her high school in the San Fernando Valley.

Yes. Air guitar. On a tennis racket.
This must be where I get my mad air guitar skills from.



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A new year, new items in the etsy store, new website, new outlooks and perspectives.
Also was given some old photos, that are new to me!

My grandma, celebrating in the late 1920’s

15 minutes of your day

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There is something about the magnitude of beauty in this place.



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Came across a great slow motion video of ladybugs.
I never knew their wings folded up like that.



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As my nephew (cutest kid in the world) gets closer to his first birthday, I am reminded how much he has grown since he was born, and more so, since I saw the first ultrasound picture, where he was the size of a peanut.

A couple of months ago I created a short montage of the photos I took of my brother and his wife as they journeyed though the experience of pregnancy.

I would definitely love to put together more of these projects.  The photo-taking process was fun, the editing was fun, and the results are satisfying.  Enjoy!


peanut from Jessie Keylon on Vimeo.

a toast

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…to toast. (with melty peanut butter on top! mmm…)

…and to staying toasty warm. It’s nice having a fireplace here, but the rest of the house gets so icy cold.

and a toast to birthdays-
Happy birthday Monetta!

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