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We went to Joshua Tree last weekend for a getaway and to visit the meditation center.

If you have not been to that region, it is the high desert, specifically the Mojave desert, and it’s, well, it’s a desert.
It’s warm and dry. Since it is January, it was not sweltering hot, just nice and sunny. Saturday the wind picked up as we hiked amongst the strange looking trees in Joshua Tree National Park, but all was warm and pleasant during the day, and slightly chilly during the evening.

It wasn’t until we got back Sunday night until we realized the effect of the the dry desert air.

I instantly went into the cold that was threatening since the week before, and my nose was incredibly dry and flaky skin around my nostrils.
Our lips were chapped, our throats were dry, our eyes felt itchy, our skin tight and dehydrated.   (this after 2 days in the desert- are we coastal or what?)

It was obvious to us that we did not prepare for our trip.

Note to self: next time we go to the desert- drink 10x more water and slather on 10x more chapstick and bring the coconut oil!



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